Wednesday, August 05, 2015


Google is pulling their drone research and manufacturing business out of New Mexico and sending it to California, a state that has higher taxes, more regulations, and higher wages.  Does this put the lie to Governor Susana Martinez's constant harping that we need lower taxes, less regulations and a suppressed minimum wage?

APD's Chief Eden says he isn't allowed to read police incident reports and the media said so.  But, has anyone found such a procedure written down in a policy document?  And don't forget that he must have read some reports when he said the gunning down of a homeless person was justifiable.  What gives here?

Dr. Werner Spitz, a famed pathologist, has stated the Albuquerque Police and State Medical Examiners Office investigation into the death of Attorney Mary Han was cursory, superficial, and incomplete.  Mary Han was a plaintiff's attorney who won millions from APD for wrongful actions.  When her body was found city officials and an army of police invaded the death scene destroying evidence.  I am sure this will provide more lawsuits for the city to defend.  It never ends.


Anonymous said...

I recently went for a Sunday drive out to Moriarty, to watch the gliders...drove around a corner at the airport and lo and behold what did I find? A lovely new building, beautifully landscaped, with electric car plug ins, a set of public bikes to ride, and a big sign: Google Aviation.

"Wow," I thought to myself, "This looks like it belongs back home in California, not here in New Mexico. Maybe things are looking up."

Sadly, I was half right.

This state is beyond repair.

- #NewMexico

Anonymous said...

Eden is either too stupid to realize how wrong he, lying, or both. To say he can't/didn't review a report because there's an IA investigation going on is nothing short of bullshit. There are systems and procedures in place for the chief to be informed of significant events and he has a duty to inform himself of high profile incidents such as Boyd. To say he can't or didn't review the matter because of pending IAs on Sandy or Perez is horseshit. While there may be investigations going on with these two they are in supplement to the incident investigation and are outside of the incident involving Boyd.

How many passes is Eden going to get before he is kicked out the door?!?!?! Most underqualified chief in NM and a huge LIAR!

Anonymous said...

Chief Eden really showed his ignorance or his lying nature. The final version, or supplemental offense report, is public record and he could read it anytime after it was submitted to the DA's office. The IA investigation and report is totally separate and NOT part of the final report. When Eden testified that he did not read the Boyd report, they attorneys failed to follow up and ask him how many times he was briefed on the case and did not ask if he ever saw the video, in which case he could have been asked questions on the briefing and the video. The attorneys may have been shocked by his answers. Also, the prosecution did not challenge Edens resume and credentials. The defense went over his resume. No one asked or brought up the point that he has absolutely no experience managing a municipal police department and no experience with tactical plans. Eden was out there the day Boyed was killed, but not asked a single question of what he did while he was there and who was in charge.

Anonymous said...

Ultimately, Eden's testimony does not make any difference but did show just how incompetent he truly is and he needs to be fired for not having any control when he was at the scene. What will prove the most important evidence is the testimony of the forensic and reconstructive expert from California who testified Sandy shot Boyd once in each arm and Perez shot Boyd in the back while Boyd was turning away. APD were the aggressors. They hit Boyd first with a concussion grenade when he was surrendering, sent in a dog, then shot at him six times, hitting him once in each arm and then one shot to the back, and when Boyd went down, shot him with a bean bag and sent in a canine.

Anonymous said...

Gordon Eden said "no one is above the law" and that APD needs to "follow the evidence" when bringing charges when APD and Eden referred its investigation file of Kari Brandenburg to AG. APD's bogus charge and investigation of Brandenburg was used to get her office removed from the Boyd case and Eden did read the Brandenburg file. By Eden's standards, no one is above the law unless you are a cop, in which case he does not read the investigation file and APD does not "follow the evidence", otherwise APD would have charged charge Sandy and Perez with murder and not have called it an aggravated assault on a cop by Boyd.

Anonymous said...

The Boyd trial is highlighting the sad state of APD being at war with the people of Albuquerque. The trial is also showcasing the "fight club" personalities which characterizes the many of the individuals who have chosen police work here. Sadly, it will take a couple of ex-APD officers serving prison terms for murder to finally send rogue officers the message that their lives will be forever ruined if they continue to systematically kill people when simply arresting them is possible. Because Eden and Berry can't control the APD officers who make lethal sport of people they are supposed to protect, the justice system will.

Anonymous said...

To all of those saying "let her rest in peace already" where the Han case matters is the possibility of it succeeding against the City, Rob Perry, APD and OMI. If they do, then the cops won't be able to ruin crime scenes to protect their friends and the Levi Chavez's won't be rewarded by going to law school. OMI will actually be forced to conduct a real investigation instead of buying what the cops are selling.

Those who want the Han family to stop or the judges to dismiss, are just helping the corruption continue and grow.