Sunday, August 09, 2015

Suspect Hire

Last February I blogged about Jim Lane who was mysteriously fired from his position as Chief of the Game and Fish Commission.  Then a few months later he was hired by State Land Commissioner Aubrey Dunn to design a system for slaughter of wildlife on state trust lands.  That ended up with Dunn welcoming the archaic and cruel trapping of wildlife on state lands.  That is something I banned back in the 90's when I was the Commissioner.

Now we find that Lane was fired for sexual harassment.  The front page story in the Journal today was pretty devastating for Lane and Dunn but not the Governor who probably knew what was going on with this guy.  So, the question is, did the Governor warn Dunn about why this guy was fired?  Did Dunn ask?  Are there any emails on the subject between the Governor's Office and Dunn's office?  Were there any conversations between Dunn and the Governor's office and the Game and Fish Commission on the hire?  Or was all this all good ole boy agreement to keep Lane employed or to keep him silent on other scandals at the Game and Fish operation? Or was it a shared religious fundamentalism between Dunn and Lane?

Will the Journal or any other media ask the Governor these questions?  Or Dunn?


Anonymous said...

Crying and emotional condemnation from Governor Suzana of EPA on the mine tailings disaster as she flies over in a helicopter but has yet to ever say anything about the biggest environmental disaster in Albuquerque: the Kirkland jet fuel spill. Our poor ranchers may have their cattle killed from the tailing spill but why care about Albuquerque's water source being contaminated. "Beef: Its whats for dinner" only if people are still alive to eat it.

Anonymous said...

And oh Susanna will probably blame Richardson for the hiring cause we all know the Republicans are the only ethical ones in this state!! Pay to play is alive and well Susie!

Anonymous said...

Susana cries that the EPA waited 24 hours before they notified her. What does this matter? What was she going to do? She is just trying to get media attention for her vice presidential run. She has no plans to do anything.

Donald F Schiff said...

Um, yes?!?

Unknown said...

What is it with New Mexico Game and Fishy Directors?

Perhaps if the New Mexico "Game" Commission was reorganized and renamed to something more appropriate ... say: "New Mexico Wildlife Conservation and Protection Commission", it would attract leaders with moral backbone - ya think ?