Friday, January 29, 2016

Another Fall

The Land of enchantment used to be higher rated as a place for retired people to live.  This latest Kiplinger report has us at 3rd worse place for retirees in the nation.  Another Susana Martinez failure.  She dropped taxes for corporations, but not the elderly.  Click on the graphic to make it larger.


Anonymous said...

My family has been in New Mexico since the Onate in the 1500s; however my children have moved from here because of the lack of opportunity and the increasing crime rate. However, states such as Arizona have a much better education system that encourages business to relocate. Many businesses that have looked at NM and specifically Albuquerque back off when they look at our education system and the crime rates and the reluctance to prosecute criminals as evidenced by the the murder of the rio ranch on police officer by an individual who had been arrested multiple times and released by a lenient judicial system. I am pleased that the courts have started to address this.

It's a multifaceted problem that both type executive and the legislature refuse to address and have done this through both democrat and republican administrations.

Anonymous said...

To tell you the truth, I am glad word is getting out and warning people not to come here. Things aren't going to get better for a long time. We have been in a rapid spiral for the past 6 years. I do blame it on the Governor and Richard Berry and the corrupt media that refuses to hold them accountable.