Friday, January 08, 2016


Let's see, there is a shortage of life saving vaccines for babies in New Mexico.  Certainly  there can be no excuse what so ever from state officials.  But of course there is no comment from the Governor of our state.  "Let them eat Peeeetza!"

And then there is a great shortage of public information emanating from the Albuquerque Police Department where it seems a favorite pastime is culling important facts from requests for information from the press and public.  "Let them eat Puff!."   Which the media is doing by not asking more questions from the Mayor on why this is happening.

On a serious note we had some interactions with the beat cops from APD recently after we found Dave Miller dead from heart problems lin his home.  These officers, a female and male, were so very professional and caring after what we had been through.  We thank them.

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Anonymous said...

I wish that Governor Martinez and Mayor Berry would hold regular Press Conferences. They each remind me of the Wizard of Oz - hidden behind a curtain and blaring out threats.

They never answer questions freely asked by the Press. Of course the Press never demands they hold regular Press Conferences either. It's like they just print or announce whatever Pap their Honors deliver.