Saturday, January 09, 2016

Cue Card

Governor Susana Martinez recently showed the reason for her reluctance in holding open news conferences.  I am told she performed poorly at the recent Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce luncheon.  As she prepared to speak she opened a file folder before her, and there was no speech in front of her.  She was lost and stumbled around for a full minute before asking her staff if anyone had a copy of that speech.  Someone came forward and gave her a copy which she then read verbatim and never got a round of applause during her oration.

Then, at the question and answer panel session, every time she was asked a question she would pause a moment to look through some three by five cards for the answer.  It was obvious all of the questions had to be submitted to her staff before the function to be vetted.  This process speaks volumes about her ability to think on her feet and show she is on top of things.  It is also embarrassing for the Chamber to have to submit for pre approval such questions.  Even worse is, they did so.

At the end of the day our Governor is a coward.  She is scared to death of showing to the citizens her lack of depth and ignorance on the most basic of issues other that immigrant drivers licenses.  She will become a legend, right up there with Sarah Palin.


New Mexican said...

You do recall what ole Dick Cheney said about putting lipstick on a pig?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this is nothing new. Ask any journalist who has ever covered any of Martinez's speaking engagements even to typically "friendly" venues like the chamber of commerce, and they will tell you that Martinez typically stutters and her hands visibly shake when she has to speak in public.

Not too long ago, the Morning Joe program had a snippet on how Martinez was considered pathetic in a round table discussion held at Romney's ranch because she insisted on having a podium at an informal gathering. The discussion is about five minutes into this video (Joe Monahan covered it on his blog):

Joe Scarborough---Let's talk about somebody who doesn't have her stump speech down. I heard disastrous reviews of Susana Martinez, New Mexico's Governor. True?

Mark Halperin (Time) She came in and just did not wow people--to the contrary. Even some of the organizers of the event were struck by her failure to step up. . .this is an impressive event...she came in and just did not wow people in the least...

Kasie Hunt (MSNBC)--It was a little bit unfortunate for her. I think she was in the same section as Paul Ryan. They went one right after the other and the comparisons were not favorable.

Mike Allen (Politico)--This was. . . a casual event. Everyone was in jeans. No one was wearing ties. . .They were speaking in the round. . . and Governor Martinez demanded a podium. She was the only person to speak with a podium during these during these audition by the 2016 candidates, and that set the stage for just a lack of connection that was one of the biggest gaffes between reality and perception that I've seen in years.

Bubba Muntzer said...

The governor has overseen an economic disaster. Don't let up on her for one minute.

This opportunity must be used to link our worst in the nation economic status to her, Mayor Barry, Chamber type thinking and the whole low wage, let the rich get richer ideology.

An alternative vision must be simultaneously offered that establishes in voters' minds that there is an alternative and that Democrats are the ones who hold the promise of a better future. Democrats have dropped the ball on this and the opportunity now exists to pick it up and run with it. Constant besmirching of the Martinez/Barry/Chamber image is a necessary part of the process of getting voters to be open to an alternative.

Here's one way Democrats could get on top of it. Republicans and the Chamber of Commerce are again pushing their pet right to work for nothing legislation, even as, as Joe Monahan points out (Friday 1/8), the chamber's top executive and Berry supporter admits that low wages are suppressing our housing market, and making New Mexicans prey to greedy landlords - average rents in the city just jumped 10 percent in a single month.

Picture a young couple pouring over their bills. One is clearly labeled "rent". The specter of rent gouging has been established visually or with narration. "Well honey, we just can't put anything into savings this month." "Again?" Cut to a boss type, greeting his employees as they come to work. "I pay my people a little more, but they purchasing power it gives them is building a strong local economy."

Vote Democrat.

Democrats, for now, with Martinez reeling, as long as she is kept off balance, and that's critical, need only oppose the onslaught and propose their own policies in symbolic ways.

Anonymous said...

Berry is no better but an even bigger coward. He leaves town when the news is bad.

Anonymous said...

You people do realize that Susana is a perfect metaphor for the hellhole that is New Mexico, right? You do know that you live in the worst state in the union, right?

Anonymous said...

Our former governors:

Johnson: "I love pot"

Richardson: "Did I hit somebody?"

Martinez: "pizz-aah and cokkkke"

Any questions?

Anonymous said...

The State of Colorado's personnel office lists open jobs and all management jobs are held for "COLORADO RESIDENTS ONLY". instead of worrying about the exodus in N.M. Do the same thing and promote some NM Residents to higher paying jobs. if they don't have a degree-educational assistance programs. Now list the birthplace of each of those previous guvs. WHY would they give a SH*T about NM?? UNLESS it results in $$$$$$$$$$ WHY?

Anonymous said...

Susanna is just like Obama when it comes to speeches. Stutters, the never ending UM's. The looking around and the uninterested faces. And its only going to get worse as they all start tooting horns for scumbags they want to take their place.

Anonymous said...

sorry, but Obama was a Constitutional Law Professor. There's just a little MORE practice with speeches in front of people and answering random questions. Suzzy?? well, she's been in front of judges in Dona Ana County!! OOOOOH!! now there's a comparison. You should be embarrassed to mention them in the same sentence, she's nothing like Obama. He's done something!!

Anonymous said...

Susanna needs to reserect her Barney Fife uniform, approve the I-10 casino and go guard it. That way the only thing she will have to read is her minimum wage pay stub. You go girl. Please