Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Magnificent Obsession

The Editor of the Albuquerque Journal is on a mission to destroy the Albuquerque Public Schools, the few remaining construction jobs in the area, and the chance for replacing crumbling school infrastructure in our school system.

The Journal did more front page yammering on the schools recently than they did on the Governor's misuse of power in dealing with law enforcement officials investigating her infamous peeeetza party. The Journal Editor has decided the half billion dollar bond issue aimed at giving kids a better learning environment needs to fail for some odd and unknown reason.  It is a magnificent obsession for sure.

And one can only wonder what those few construction workers and companies who remain in Mayor Berry's crumbling economy can think about this newspaper's attempted gutting of a stimulus of school reconstruction.  Will they weigh in?  Will our horrible Chamber of Commerce say something in a sustained and positive manner?  Do they even give a damn about our students?  The silence is deafening.


Anonymous said...

Attended a a game at Manzano recently and noted how out of date everything was there. I am sure that I will see the same at Highland this weekend. The Collet Park elementary situation is embarrasing. Fix the damn schools

Anonymous said...

Where are the pack of thieves consisting of the National Association of Industrial Office Park (NAIOP), the Economic Forum and the Chamber of Commerce? All three organizations condemn government and promote right to work and virtually do nothing to offers solutions for APS. NAIOP especially condemns government regulation but its members are the first to have their hands out for government projects.

Anonymous said...

And what happen to the Savior Of Schools Bradley. Oh i forgot he is the otherSOS now. How soon he forgot about his " experience as a school administrator". He only jumps when Susie and Jay say jump. So much for the Republican Job Creators. Most of the schools are in dire need of upgrading but APS only upgrades it's administrations salaries, did not think( with my APS education) that it took so many 150K plus admistrators to have one of worst school systems.(but then I graduated in the 60s so I guess it's all relative)