Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Heavenly Father

Bundy and his gang in Oregon were apparently caught with their special Mormon underwear down as they traveled to a meeting near their militia clown posse headquarters.  One of them who professed he would fight to the death got what he wanted.  The others were arrested.  This whole thing happened because the  Mormon Bundy family said that god wanted them to do this whole occupation thing.  Looks like 'Heavenly Father' changed his mind.

Apparently their deity decided that Teddy Roosevelt's dream of an America with abundant public lands was a mistake.  He even told them to take up assault rifles to threaten wild life biologists and scientists at the Wild Life Refuge they invaded.  Just another weird religious sect I suppose, but dangerous when mixed with weapons.


New Mexican said...

You can't tell me some of these folks did not have a death wish of some kind. Heroism? Glory in the after life? Something? My grandmother could have told them from afar that nothing good would come of it.

I can hear my grandmother telling me that "nothing good will come of this" as I told he that I should be able to fly if I jumped from the azotea with the flour sack cloth I had tied around my neck.

El que por su gusto muere hasta la muerte le sabe.

Donald F Schiff said...

Best take ever! Jim, you win the intertubez today! They got caught with their special Mormon underwear down. I.can't.stop.laughing!!