Saturday, January 09, 2016


Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry, who admittedly  has a difficult job, has decided to throw his lot in with the peeeetza lady, also know as Governor Susana.  Let me explain.

Susana pushed through legislation giving her corporate buddies a big tax break a few years ago.  It was paid for by screwing the cities and others out of revenues from the state that were to make up for lost income from taking the gross receipts tax off food and medicine.

And now, our cities are hurting with Albuquerque facing a $10,000,000 shortfall. And this will only get worse in the coming years.  And yet this Mayor has done absolutely noting in pushing back against the Governor on this rape of the cities.  He would rather be known as a guy who didn't upset the GOP apple cart.  Because of this he will leave the city in a couple of years in dire straights.  TSK TSK!  A Mayor should at least put up a fight for his city.


Anonymous said...

But wait Jim our cowerdly lion Alcalde did give 5000 dollars to the find the kidnapper fund.The problem is that none of us know if the money was his own or our taxpayer dollars. If someone knows please let us know. No problem if tax dollars, it will be well spent but if it is tax dollars at work then tell us . As far as I know not one " journalist" asked him where the money came from. I don't get the daily urinal and the news media has not said where the money came from .

Anonymous said...

It's from the mayors discretionary fund. It is NOT from his own bank account Too bad the media can't figure out that this is an important questions.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on discretionary fund. Like I said I don't mind tax dollars being used but come dicky tell us that We funded the donation not You, all you needed to complete the news conference was some of Edens fake tears!!