Monday, January 18, 2016


Back in the sunshine after a cloudy five days in upstate New York with the grandkids.  The kids were great but gray skies are not good for us New Mexicans.

Secretary of State Diana Duran is out of jail and will pass into the care of probation officers.  One can argue her punishment was light, but I think since her career is pretty much down the crapper and she has to humiliate her self in giving speeches about her corruption then she is paying a debt.

But wait, I hear that former SOS Rebecca Vigil Giron is trying to run for that office again.  Her career was over too, wasn't it?  After millions went missing in a federal program under her control, she was lucky to have had an incompetent AG investigative team never get a case together on her.  The one thing that comes to mind is the definition of the word, 'delusional'.

And, our  Albuquerque Journal managed to compare environmentalists to the assault rifle armed militia at the wildlife refuge in Oregon.  The usually solid Wynn Quigley let a former BLM manager who now is the head of the NM Oil and Gas Association make that comparison, with no pushback.  Mission Accomplished from that former public employee who accepted this job seconds after retiring from the BLM.  He had been head of the BLM in the Farmington area, which includes all the oil and gas development in the San Juan Basin.


Dr. Sax said...

Welcome back. In other news: LFC budget analysts report that the State’s Public Education Department is fudging the numbers on the governor’s keystone early education program ahead of a request for more money in the upcoming year’s budget.

Bubba Muntzer said...

I think when global warming sets in we will have continual gray skies and country music.

Donald F Schiff said...

Racist Vigil-Giron wants to run for Secretary of State again? She is delusional! I call her "Racist" because of a speech she made at the DPBC pre-primary convention when she ran for Congress. She called Darren White Darren "Blanco," with obvious disdain and disgust. I couldn't believe my ears! I asked the person next to me if I had somehow misunderstood her words. Nope! I never liked her in the first place, but you just cant use racist language as a Democrat.

Not that she has a chance against Maggie Toulouse Oliver, who is beloved among Democratic party activists, but still... If she runs, we will bury her.

Vicki said...

I am appauled that Vigil-Giron would show her face again to run for SOS. Yes, Maggie is the most qualified and has many loyal supporters. However, as with Duran, a lot of uninformed voters will vote for the name, not the person. I met a couple of men from Gallup at the MLK Jr, Parade in Albuquerque Saturday who were asked to sign Maggie Toulouse Oliver's ballot qualification petiton. They shrugged their shouders and said "who is she?" and that was Maggie's problem in the 2014 election. She will have to get out to every county of the state and meet the people...can't just count on Bernalillo County where we Democrats know she is a hero for expanded voting rights and accessibility.