Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sounds of Silence--Updated

So, we have incarcerated hundreds of children at Holloman, Air Force Base in Alamogordo.  These central American children, yes children, have travelled thousands of miles on their own to find a better life.  Think of your middle school kids doing that.  Talk about desperation and courage.  And yet, has the Governor or a group of legislators said, "Let's go down there and make sure these kids have what they need?  Surely someone in Santa Fe ought to take a look at the situation from merely a parental view.  But the Sounds of Silence rage.

Update....It appears that the Health and Human services people are handling this well.  This story was just posted on the web.  

Silence emanates from the 4th floor of the Capitol building in Santa Fe in the wake of Sprint's summary firing of 400 New Mexicans from their jobs in Rio Rancho.  Two weeks notice with a go screw yourself attitude.  But, lets face it, that is corporate America's approach to it's employees.  But, government leaders should say something and it is silence we are greeted with by Susana Martinez and the economic development team in Santa Fe.

The only noise being made is on drivers licenses for undocumented workers who fix your roofs, clean  your houses and mow the yard.


Bubba Muntzer said...

Martin Heinrich was also down at Hollomam Air Force Base Saturday checking out the facilities.


He also mentioned that in a constituent email, in which he talks at length about how he got a new squadron of fighter jets down there and got the base's drone pilot training program beefed up. In other words he's getting more federal tax dollars coming to New Mexico.

As far as I can tell he's the only one doing anything to keep New Mexico from being entirely impoverished. That's his job as most people see it and he's doing it well and spending his weekends doing it. I'd only add that it would be nice if our economy wasn't based on furthering Capitalist imperialism, which is causing problems all over the world and killing people all over the world, and it wold be nice if he and other Democrats, federal and state, were doing the one thing that would improve the state's economy, which is to further policies that redistribute wealth back into the pockets of the people whose labor creates it so there would be more consumer spending here which is what creates jobs here.

Democrats have bought into the Neoliberal economic model, which is essentially Reaganomics, Thatcherism. Austerity as they sometimes call it. It's why we're headed back into another global recession not having got out of the last one where all but the ruling class is concerned, and why wealth and income disparity are back at pre 1920 levels.

They've reduced the federal budget every year under this current administration, even while increasing military spending, which is part of the problem. Capitalism has proven again and again that alone it's incapable of providing a decent living standard for all but a few, and our policy makers won't change their tune unless we demand it.

Anonymous said...

I will just leave this here: http://time.com/4094696/donald-trump-anthony-bourdain/

The story is about how many immigrants are leaving and causing a problem for the restaurant industry in NYC. I would imagine that more are leaving NM where they repeatedly told they are not wanted.

If our state is an economic crisis now -- and it is -- there is more to come if events like this continue.

So far this year, 3 of my immediate neighbors have moved out of state - all white middle aged professionals - their houses sit empty with "for sale" signs out from and not one single person has come to look at the houses.

Bleak times await for all.

Anonymous said...

I see ACC Chamber of Commerce President Terry " I have had too much plastic surgery on my face" Cole and her marble mouthed, political hack and Republican operative Chamber VP Sherman Mc Corkle are at it again, up in Santa Fe promoting tough on crime legislation and right to work on behalf of the Albuquerque business community. These two have been part of the problem for way too many years. Their attitude is lets lock people up and throw away the key but not pay for it with any taxes. Let New Mexico build more prisons, not schools, and divert money from our schools for prisons and not offer any kind of rehabilitation programs nor early child care programs. Cole and Mc Corkle promote "right to work" legislation when the New Mexico work force is only 4% union with "right to work" legislation really targeting public unions like fire and police and teachers. The Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce needs to fold and the City would be better off with out them and these two hacks.

lee woo said...

The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people. See the link below for more info.