Wednesday, January 13, 2016


President Obama's speech last night really took those tea party congressional reps to the wood shed.  They probably didn't even get it.  The only thing that will save us from those folks is true reapportionment at the next census.  And a Supreme Court that will decide that entities created on paper aren't really persons.

After 100 years of not saying anything about public labor unions being able to collect dues from non members, it looks like that Court will deal another blow to the working men and women of this country.  This is where corporate personhood has gotten us.  The dam will break soon.

We are sick of the cold.  So we are off to upstate New York to visit our son and his family, just as  their first snows of the winter hit after having balmy weather there while we froze.  So we decided to also go down to Puerto Vallarta in February and hope that some freak El Nino event doesn't make it cold there.

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