Tuesday, January 05, 2016


Many of our legislators, mostly GOP types, are once again taking up the banner of harsher DUI laws. It is silly.  The problem is the laws we have on the books are falling victim to a broken criminal justice system that dismisses way too many DUI cases before they even go to trial.  The underfunding of the DA Offices, Police Departments,  and other involved agencies lead to the abysmal conviction rate of drunk drivers.  And it is the GOP and Governor who want to continue to kill agency funding while things just get worse.

As for more silliness during the New Year, the News Media has been in spitting distance of the Governor numerous times over the holidays and failed to take advantage of the situation by asking some really important questions relating to economic conditions, and her plans for stimulating job growth.  I have never, ever, seen such a worthless journalistic wasteland in New Mexico as we now have.  It is pathetic.  The media should be demanding weekly open mic news conferences with the Governor and her Cabinet Secretaries.  Has there ever been such a news conference?  No.

In some ways the Governor is like those yahoo cowboys who occupied government offices at a wildlife refuge in Oregon but had no real idea of what they hoped to accomplish.  She has done the same thing in the Capitol Building 4th floor in Santa Fe.

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New Mexican said...

If there is any value in the ridiculously low fees the public land ranchers pay for the privilege it is the knowledge that I gained that a very, very small dedicated minority (ranchers) can do this. It has helped in a few issues that I have worked with. A small dedicated minority can make a difference.