Thursday, January 28, 2016

Susana's Legacy

Of course all of this isn't Susana's fault.  She didn't cause the great recession.  But in the six years in office she hasn't done anything to show she is working to improve things.  (This graphic appeared in the Journal this morning.  Their graphics person is very good.)

Take for instance the Coca Cola plant in Portales, NM.  It has been there since I was a kid.  We used to look on the bottom of the bottles of coke to see if they were from Portales.  Coke would do that to show you where it came from.  Has Susana been over there to chat with her supportive base to ask what she can do to help those 60 laid off employees?  Has she called Coca Cola and asked for a reprieve?  


New Mexican said...

Has anyone ever thought that New Mexico may have reached its carrying capacity? I don't know how many folks we could stuff into the state and provide a decent place for them to live. And I mean live, not necessarily make a living, that is another matter all together.

Anonymous said...

That's what happens when you vote for the Republican job creators! So with the new losses I guess Susie is at a negative 150 in new jobs during her reign as the up and coming Hispanic" ledgend in her own mind". By the way Jim I believe Jay is partial to Pepsi.

Anonymous said...

I'm with the New Mexican on this. But I do want to figure out how we can better support this population, make a better living for the people who are here. Better education is part of that. And yes, we don't win if we educate folks who then have to leave the state to make a living. I'm not an economist, but sustainable growth is an oxymoron at some point, isn't it? How can we figure this out with the resources we've got, including people? We have amazing resources here, why can't we figure out how to connect the dots and make it all work?