Friday, January 29, 2016

Pants on Fire

Is the New Mexico State Police Chief a liar?  Chief Pete Kassetas lashed out at a critic of Mayor Berry's plan to rehire police officers who retired and let them keep their pensions during a legislative committee hearing.  He said his department was not fully staffed.  But this letter says otherwise just a few months ago, and he had graduated a new academy class since then.  Apparently someone is not truthful here and could it be a GOP mandated lie to help a republican Mayor Berry get his legislation passed?   And, is this all an effort to weaken the Public Employees Retirement Association permanent fund so that future legislators can try and gut public employee pensions?


Anonymous said...

A police officer BLINDLY backing fellow Police Officers and not relying on FACTS?? NOOOOOOOO!!! CITIZENS ARE SHOCKED!! Next thing, you're going to tell US, our Guv has priorities other than New Mexico!!?? no way! stop hating police Jim! ;-)

but hey, she sold the state plane!! don't forget that! very important................

Anonymous said...

Berry will lie lie lie. Larranaga should be ashamed of himself for going along. Yesterday's outburst at the Committee hearing was embarrassing to witness. Kassatas should be forced to publicly apologize to Dinelli, the legislators and to the public.

Return to work is one big fraud. A Lie