Friday, February 10, 2017

Buggy Whips

Congressman Steve Pearce is all in with trump.  He is seeking support for a new oil refinery in NM.  It is like asking for funding for a new buggy whip factory.  He said it would make us the 'strongest oil economy in the world.'  He truly is one of the "Lords of Yesterday."   He is exactly the kind of leader that we can't afford anymore.  His solution to the fate of the state is planet killing fossil fuel.

Of course he is ignoring the fact that renewable energy, especially solar, is providing the real future of the country.  And yet he wants to leave the Land of Enchantment in the starting gate.  

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Anonymous said...

Jim, his views on just about everything are certainly in line with all the (r)egressives in his party. The "make America great again" has always been a longing for them to go back where white men ruled everything, women, business, government... Pearce is beholden to the oil and gas industry for the same reason they all are, money. They don't give a damn about the environment, safety regulations, wages, just how it helps their bottom line. Pearce, Martinez and their ilk have done all they can to try and keep the solar industry from surviving in New Mexico. They continue to make sure that the oil and gas industry receive their tax incentives while eliminating the ones for solar. Fortunately Martinez will be gone after 2018, Pearce however, will continue to be a representative for the Southern part of the state as long as the only jobs are in an industry that pays him well for giving them more and more money while they aid in the destruction of our state and the planet. As president orange would tweet "SAD".