Thursday, February 02, 2017


If I were a member of the American business community I would take notice of trump trying to ban the Johnson amendment that will allow churches to engage in political work without having to pay property taxes.  Pretty soon that work will turn into lucrative businesses for religious sects to compete with private business.  It already happens to a certain extent with these mega churches competing against hotels and public convention centers by renting out space in their industrial god spaces.  It happens here in ABQ right now.  But look for innovative ways in which the permissive political involvement of the churches will start selling goods and services tied to their dogmas.  Like Fundamentalist Salsa and tortillas with Jesus's face next to a GOP elephant.


Anonymous said...

I think all of us should open a church at our home. Jon Oliver showed us how and then we can all stop paying property tax.

Praise Jesus! PRAISE HIM! lol

New Mexican said...

Taxing the religious and other tax exempt communities is the key. There are just too many tax exempt entities out there. It would make the tax system fair and lower taxes for everyone.