Thursday, February 23, 2017

Dogma Again

How low can the GOP go?  The republicans on the ABQ City Council couldn't even vote for a resolution that we are an immigrant friendly city.  The word sanctuary wasn't even used!  Two of the members took a hike and Councillor Trudy Jones put her brainwashed bigoted beliefs front and center.  And where was the Mayor's leadership?  Ha!

Vice President Pence criticized vandalism in that Jewish Cemetery and then declared war on 12 year old Transgender kids in the school bathrooms.  Make no mistake, this is his warped christian fundamentalism at work and something that will need to be dealt with after trump is impeached or resigns.

Speaking of trump.  Read this to fully understand his condition.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

Please let's remember to kindly remind everyone of the stand the mayor didn't take on the sanctuary city issue when he runs for governor and begs for the vote of the crucial and deciding Hispanic segment of the New Mexico electorate.

That list you link to is fascinating and does explain Trump to me. The first part is things you hear in the milleau of people who have an abusive partner and are trying to deal with and understand what's happening to them - the myriad ways they insidiously manipulate you for instance. Trump, manipulator in chief.

The second part are things you'd see on a list of the flaws of logic, a topic you've put out there before if I'm not mistaken. The way people like Trump twist language and redefine words, and reality itself; combined with the manipulation it's a form of mass hypnosis. Tactics used in Nazi Germany where a minority were true believers but were able to take over because the #resistance wasn't organized.

The thing is, had Hillary been elected millions upon millions would be marching in lock step behind the conservative, neoliberal, neocon, warmongering, imperialist agenda of the ruling class the Democratic Party serves and actively working in direct opposition to their own interests, and not even know it and utter not a bleat of protest. That's mass psychosis also, and we're much better off with people awake and mobilized and amassing and exerting their power. Much better in my opinion.

Everything that's impeded Trump so far is because of the mass resistance. The court orders, the equivocating, the backtracking are all reactions to it. He's making a lot of ruckus to keep his base in line but nothing has changed, except that people are frightened and worried. And Democrats have done nothing to impeded him and are just raising money off him. As I write this the conservative Clinton-Obama-Heinrich-Grisham-Lujan wing of the party is trying to thwart Keith Ellison's DNC chair candidacy for the purpose of making sure the party's progressive and working class base has absolutely no say in anything whatsoever, so they can keep their billionaire donors happy, a brilliant strategy that electorally has left the party in ruins. The Democrats will not save us. That's up to us.

Join the general strike on May Day, as Seattle's socialist city council member Kshama Sawant urges here: