Monday, February 27, 2017


Every time I get out of bed and read real newspapers I feel more and more like I am wandering lost in the Wilderness with others looking for a way out.

Today I pick up the NYT and see that trump is vowing to increase military spending.  While at the same time killing healthcare for poor children all over the nation.  It doesn't matter that we have a defense budget bigger than the next twelve nations combined.  We just need to get more money to Defense Industry stockholders and bonuses to the scum who call themselves CEOs of that giant killing machine.

I feel my self getting radical as I wander.  I see anger rising every minute in our country.  I see dictatorship leading to refugee camps run by private corporations that trump's policies will force to open.

I see a total loss of the moral compass that usually pointed somewhere in the right direction for our democracy over time.

Well, it is a Monday.


Ok, then said...

Apocalyptic Mondays are my specialty.

Michelle Meaders said...

And didn't he say he wanted to cut funds for foreign aid and diplomacy? Lets settle the world's problems with armies! Also, isn't most of the US's foreign aid budget going to Israel? We recently signed a 3-year agreement to send them over 30 billion dollars. Wait till he finds out it is mostly backed by Christian evangelicals, and goes to buy American weapons.