Tuesday, February 21, 2017


The Bernallio County Commissioners are considering the most regressive tax to get them out of their overspending habits.  They want to raise the gross receipts tax 3/16ths of a cent.  Of course this falls on the poor and middle class.  Every resident should raise hell.  First, tell them to stop spending.  Second if they still need money then look to the property tax.   Third, if they do this,  just do it for county areas that do not include the City of Albuquerque, whose residents are supporting this overspending by the county as it is while getting few services.

Twenty years ago the gross receipts tax was about 5 1/2%.  Now it is inching up towards 8%.  This is unsustainable.

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Anonymous said...

Medical providers in NM pay GRT which means we as patients pay GRT. We are losing enough physicians and paying sky high insurance without adding more insult to injury. That is probably a legislative issue but ask Bernalillo County how much it has paid out in settlements because of the MDC rape scandal and find out who the lawyers are. That is eye opening as well.