Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Who is on First

The City Council is funding an effort to get property crimes pounced on by a special team at APD.  Right now the response times for such crimes is almost never.  So, that is good.  Our neighborhood has been seeing a lot of burglaries.  So any thing that can be done to find these thieves is good.  Personally,  I would cut off one of their fingers every time they are caught.  And you all thought I was way too much of a lefty.

But wait, in another development the new DA in Bernalillo County will only go after high profile cases because of his budget woes.  So what happens to these small time thieves.  Well, they are set loose on us again.  And it all comes down to inadequate funding because of Susana's corporate subsidies and tax cuts.  Unlike her, the rest of us don't have a State Police Officer living at their house as a full time security service.

Could the DA and the Mayor have a chat?


Anonymous said...

Jim here's a better laughing movement , Judge in Los Lunas lets a property crime offender out of jail with No bond because 'drum roll' please! ( or DUMB ROLL) because she is indigent so she would never be able to afford bail. Guess only rich criminals should get arrested,or dumb ass judges!

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile: "The Cartels Next Door (a 6 part series) : Cartels' Roots Run Deep in N.M."

Nob Hill Ward Chair said...

My car has been stolen 3 times in the past year. I blame the major and Governatrix.