Thursday, February 09, 2017


The New Mexico business community continues to loose confidence in our state's economy.  Only 16% of those surveyed think we are headed in the right direction.  And yet the Governor escapes the heat mostly because she is treated with such kid gloves by the media.  Where is journalism in New Mexico?

But, at the same time where is the business community ? The Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce has had the same old tired leadership for decades.  They keep their heads in the ground and rarely venture forth to do something concrete on getting the legislature and failed Governor to at least make an effort.  They seem more interested in holding on to what they have in a faltering economy than showing some extended energy to make things better.  The economic development teams of the State and City are feckless in rousing some support amongst them to improve education, infrastructure and recruiting.

Here is an idea for the media.  Demand a news conference by the Governor to detail what her plans are for remedying our slow descent into economic hell.  The Journal, the TV stations, and business publications need to insist.

Next, stand by for bad news from INTEL.  I can feel it coming.

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