Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Focal Point

Where is the focal point on Resistance going to be?  Right now there is an avalanche of organizations and people trying to lead the Resistance to trump et al.  But there is no focal point or rallying point that will be there for the long haul.  What is missing is a new leader.   Until then I think things get pretty diluted.

We need a leader in the Senate to personify the Resistance.  Some one young, charismatic, smart and relentless.  In the vein of Senator Gillibrand or Senator Heinrich.  Someone who can represent the young people, who in case you hadn't noticed, are the ones turning out by the millions to protest the crimes agains humanity emanating from trump and his minions.

This has to happen quickly, or trump and bannon will just keep shocking  us with new issues until we become numbed.


New Mexican said...

"young, charismatic, smart and relentless"? Heinrich?

kaytiger said...

Bill McCamley might not be resistance-leader material, but he is pragmatic, reasonable and respectful of the other side. Can't wait to see what he accomplishes in what I hope are many years in the legislature.
Kayla Krattiger