Monday, February 13, 2017

The Wall

The chief Cheeto in DC should hire Governor Susana Martinez to build his wall along the Mexican border.  She has already shown her prowess at building a human wall around her to block the press as she moves around the Capitol.  She is adept at it, and as her recent confusing and meaningless remarks on tearing families apart on the border shows, she is heartless too.  She just couldn't bring her self to say the wall is stupid and not something a rational human being would do.

Meanwhile, the orange guy in the White House continues his almost hourly attacks on Journalists in this country.  This is going to end very badly.  Does anyone really doubt the the New York Times, LA Times, and the Washington Post are just absorbing this without a plan?  Is it a possibility they are getting the goods on the regime and its ties with Russia's Putin and other unsavory folks around the world.  Does the Cheeto regime think that videos and other damning evidence of all sorts will not find their way to real newspaper professionals?

And have you noticed how the Cheeto's advisor Stephen Miller sort of  looks like Himmler?


Anonymous said...

He acts like him too. Making the rounds on all the Sunday shows not saying things like "we don't have any proof that thousands were bussed in from Massachusetts, and we have been assured by the election officials in New Hampshire that there may have been a few incidents, but nothing on this scale," but no, he sat in front of the cameras in his best Nazi impression and told the people of this country that it happened and Orange Hitler will not be questioned. Spicer did the same thing during his first briefing with the press ending his bullshit statement with "Period" and walking out taking no questions. I do think they believe that his election meant they could treat the people like Hitler did. His voters may think it's ok, but even though he won the electoral college, there are still more that didn't vote for him or President Bannon, and the majority of us don't like it.

I do wonder if any of them are starting to connect the dots between Russia, his election, and the resignation of Flynn? If so, are they ok with it? Seems all the Republican congressmen and women are, as they sit silent while things keep getting worse. Of course we all know they'd let Putin be VP as long as they got to push their policies that will devastate the very people that voted this incompetent moron into the highest office in the USA.

Anonymous said...

Larry Barker needs to do an investigation into why Paul Pacheco is now in a spot due to him losing his re election bid. That guy is worthless, guess he did some stuff for her and this is how she pays him back. Larry needs to find out if he is double dipping.