Wednesday, February 08, 2017


A gold star for Mayor Berry in opening an immigrant  friendly service center for the City of Albuquerque.   I don't agree with him on many things, but this was a humanitarian thing to do.  There might be a black mark against his name in  the trump regime, but it won't matter for long.  If the regime in DC doesn't stop the twittering  psychopath soon he will be impeached.  Maybe not from office but from any sort of serious consideration as a President.  And, this is on the GOP.

Someone should actually start a national lottery on the date and time the trump regime will be impeached for real.

The NM Legislature doesn't want ammosexual (yuk) gun nuts running around the Capitol building. They are considering banning firearms from the building.  If they don't actually do it they are stupid.  If they do actually do it, do it everywhere there is public present.  They are in a corner on this one.


Anonymous said...

Mayor Berry should get a gold star for hypocrisy. Berry said at his press conference announcing the new city department for immigrants and refugees “There has always been rhetoric from the left and right regarding immigration … But I do not think it has ever been ramped up to the level we’ve seen most recently”. Sure it has and it was done by none other than candidate Richard Berry. Berry used the issue of “sanctuary city” in 2009 to get elected the first time with his supporters driving a vehicle around the city with a billboard mounted on it condemning then Mayor Marty Chavez making Albuquerque a “sanctuary city” for immigrants. After elected, Mayor Berry declared that Albuquerque was no longer a sanctuary city. In 2010, Berry ordered the implementation of a policy that screened every person who is arrested, no matter the offense, such as misdemeanor DWI, shoplifting, drug possession, to see if the person is in the country legally. By Berry’s orders, US Immigration and Customs agents (ICE) were allowed into city jail holding facilities to screen virtually all people arrested and brought in by APD and determine their immigration status. Once ICE determines a person is not in this country legally, it will take that person into custody and institute deportation action.

Bubba Muntzer said...

"Twittering psychopath." Excellent! You should copyright it.

Trump's a godsend for these corporate Democrats who thanks to him don't have to explain why, pray tell, their corporate Democrat candidate and her corporate Democrat "you don't deserve $15 an hour and you don't need to send your kids to college" message lost to a twittering psychopath. They don't have to talk about Americans' declining living standards or the massive, record transfer of wealth upward they've overseen or why they lost the congress, most of the state houses and governorships and a Supreme Court seat to a party that's somewhere between a skinhead biker gang and the Ku Klux Klan.

Lucky for Democrats there's some fired up, courageous, creative women in this country providing some inspiration, ideas and guidance. Martin Heinrich today used the hash tag #ShePersisted and Tom Udall used #Resistance, or at least whoever runs their Twitter accounts did and will let them and the rest of that party know what they mean and what they should do next. This is unfamiliar territory for today's Democrats. It's hard to lead the opposition if you haven't really ever opposed what the other side's been doing the last 30 years.

At least Heinrich and Udall are doing something. That New Mexican who, if you didn't know she was running for governor you'd expect to see marching at the front of the feminist uprising holding Donald Trump's puny pintos in her upraised fist, Michelle Grisham, is pretending partisan politics doesn't exist. She's said virtually nothing about Trump and is posting lots of photos of her blonder by the week self with young people who happen by her office, and Ben Lujan has a nice smile.

But Women are the driving force behind the citizen opposition groups sprouting up like crazy all over the nation, one of which, Indivisible, has a web site that shows 38 chapters in New Mexico already.

And women, please, please keep yourselves from being co-opted and neutralized by the Democratic Party, which has been the fate of most mass movements in this country, and use your almost limitless power for what you want and for what we need.

Anonymous said...

Berrywinkle did not do this for humanitarian reasons, he is trying to save what is left of his pathetic career, plain and simple.