Sunday, February 12, 2017

Fossil Thinking

The Albuquerque Journal turned over a major part of its editorial page Sunday to the fossil fuel boys. Call it fake news OPEDs.  First that  oil and gas mascot, Congressman Steve Pearce, says that Obama wanted to crush New Mexico's economy by preventing flaring of natural gas into the atmosphere from all of those leaky oil and gas wells.  "Crush" he said.  Never mind climate change sped up by all this free methane!  Pearce, in protecting his funder's profits, could be construed to be much more dangerous than that poor woman torn from her children in Phoenix and sent back to Mexico.  Crimes against humanity just gets shrugs these days.

And then former Land Commissioner Bill Humphries, a pretty nice guy, drank some of Commissioner Aubrey Dunn's Kool Aid by supporting his P.R. massaging of the fossil fuel boys by saying federal mineral rights under private lands should be given to the state.  Problem is, that will never happen and if it did it would be an immoral act.  Those resources belong to all Americans, from sea to shining sea, and not just to Oil and Gas profiteers in the Land of Enchantment.  Bill, I always thought you were much better than this.


Dr. Sax said...

Not in the Journal: “Wind Power Has Crossed a Significant Milestone in America” and “How Billionaire Philip Anschutz Is Cashing In on California’s Thirst for Wind Power” ($5 billion wind farm in Wyoming and $3 billion worth of new transmission lines to deliver the power) Meanwhile, thanks to low natural gas prices the coal fired Navajo Generation Station in Northern Arizona - one of the biggest polluters in the West - will shut down about 25 years ahead of schedule

Anonymous said...

E&E News reports that if the Senate votes to repeal the BLM’s Methane and Waste Prevention Rule, states, tribes and federal taxpayers could lose out on millions of dollars in annual revenue that goes to support social services, higher education and other needs. See also “The arguments for keeping methane regs” @