Wednesday, February 22, 2017

New Gestapo

trump will get his own new Gestapo as he hires 15,000 new ICE and Border Patrol agents.  Think of it.  One job will be to tear families apart who are living in America.  And think again the way these people will be hired to do this job.

For example the head of the Police Union in Santa Fe who exposes his hate for Muslims may end up being out of a job.  A bad cop.  Where do you think his next job will be?  It is hard enough to fill vacant positions in police departments all over the country but now the job possibilities will increase even more and in desperation to fill them there will be a lot of inferior people hired.  Every bad cop in the country who has been fired will probably be deemed eligible for this work.

And the private prison companies who will house these horrible criminals, you know the ones who do your landscaping and tar your roofs, will also be full steam ahead hiring anyone who can add one and one.  Maybe worse.

What is happening to our America.  When does the dam burst?  Soon I hope.  And for all you trump people out there, how could you be so stupid?

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hereonearth said...

Private prisons are a crime.

How will you convince those who don't already agree by calling people stupid and Gestapo?