Monday, September 21, 2009

Bingaman on the Hot Seat

Wow, Jeff Bingaman may really end up on the hot seat in the hellish health care debate. Given that Jeff represents a state that has one of the highest uninsured populations then his influence and courage will really be tested. Jeff is not a showy and ego driven politician. He is intelligent and incisive, but like it or not he is on the front burner of this issue.

I think health reform with out a public option is not really reform. Remember that word option which is defined as,

"The act of choosing; choice.
The power or freedom to choose."

If I choose to stay with my health insurance plan then I have taken one option. If I choose to go with a public plan then that is another option. Options also improve competitiveness as far as I am concerned and that will settle prices.

I hope Jeff Bingaman sticks to his guns on the public option. A lot of folks are counting on it.

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