Friday, September 25, 2009

PNM Heroics

I just gotta say that PNM is on my A+ list after telling the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to stuff it. PNM did this because the Chamber thinks climate change science is b.s. and that a Scopes Monkey Trial would prove it. PNM, love them or hate them, is really way ahead of the game on this issue when compared to many electical generation utilities. PNM's take on the effects of energy production on the climate of our small world should be adopted by many more utilities.

People tend to forget that PNM is one of the few large corporate entities that has its headquarters in Albuquerque and New Mexico. They have been a big player for a long time and it is a gutsy move to depart from that anachronism of a Chamber of Commerce in Washington, DC. These are the same guys who think that our health care system is just fine.

I wonder what this might do to the thinking at the Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce. Maybe they will be more progressive in their thinking.

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Bosque Bill said...

I, too, was happy to see them pull out of the USCoC. Good to know someone's paying attention.

A few days earlier Pacific Gas & Electric quit the USCoC for the exact same reasons.

If these large energy utilities "get it" why do so many others have their heads in the sand... or someplace even darker?