Monday, September 28, 2009

It is Not Dandruff


Go into any gathering of people who like politics and you will see everyone scratching their heads. No, it is not dandruff. It is them trying to figure out the handicapping on the now back in play Albuquerque's Mayor's Race. I sure can't think long and hard enough about the many analysis that could have any one of the three candidates winning. And really, it is useless to try and figure out anything. At this point the only game in town is getting out your vote. If you have an apparatus to do that then you will be in the runoff.

You can be pretty sure that the hundreds of people Marty Chavez has hired under 'political' status at city hall have now been rousted out of their desks and into campaign mode. I am sure the republican party in this supposed non partisan race will be putting their efforts behind that immigrant baiting candidate RJ Berry. And all of the progressive faithful will be out rounding up support for Richard Romero. Those progressives walk long and hard!

Who ever does the best job here will come out on top and the go into a runoff with the second place candidate. As I said yesterday, that could be any one of the candidates in those runoff positions.

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