Sunday, September 06, 2009

Weapons Sales

There was a story in the New York Times this morning about America moving way ahead in the sales of weapons to foreign countries. Uncle Sam has increased his share of the market even in a recession. What a way to keep the nation's nose above water.

I have always thought that weapons manufacturers are ethically impaired, especially in selling to questionable foreign governments. I wonder if they ever really think about the deployment of those weapons against human bodies. Do they sleep well at night. Yes, they probably do. After all they can fall back on the old arguments of protecting the country and providing jobs.

I would like to see a list of weapons producers here in New Mexico. Of course Lockheed/Martin and Northrop/Grumman here in the Albuquerque are amongst the largest. Sandia and Los Alamos along with their industrial partners do the big nukes.....but I am willing to bet there are a lot of small companies spread around the state that are just as lethal in their endeavors.

This is the kind of story you will never see in our media in New Mexico. Can you imagine the Albuquerque Journal ever running such an expose.

I would not say that people who work for these corporate weapons makers are necessarily evil or immoral but they certainly have to wonder if another line of work might be more fulfilling.

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