Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What Is A Candidate To Do?

Since most of the usual Albuquerque Mayor's race issues don't seem to be on peoples minds then a candidate needs to figure out what he must do to get some attention. In the case of republican Richard Berry that would mean picking out some segment of the population and blaming them for every and any problem anyone might have. He has picked out immigrants as the scapegoats.

I am surprised. Everyone I have talked to say he is a pretty decent fellow. The only thing I can imagine is that the far right wing of the republican party has exerted mind control over him and they are now channeling Lou Dobbs into him. You know, pick some one with brown skin to blame for your problems. Mr. Berry, you need to stop this to regain the respect of a lot of people who were looking to you as an alternative.

I think this Mayor's election next month will most likely have the lowest turnout of voters ever. That is good for Mayor Chavez because if he can just get all the new political appointments he has created out to vote for him then they will put him over that 40% threshold. Then he will be in his fourth term, which he promised voters four years ago he would never seek, and then he will pay the piper for his over spending. Did anyone notice that most cities in the state are having to do layoffs and furloughs of employees? Still, there is not incisive analysis being done by anyone in the media on Albuquerque's finances. Well, there is still a few weeks to do so.