Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So republican Mayor's candidate Berry is increasing his exposure on immigrants being the cause of all crime and all your problems. I think that probably gets him into the runoff, but what does it do after that? All readers of this blog know I have no love lost for Marty Chavez, but if it is him in the runoff with Berry I will vote for him, just as I already voted for Richard Romero in this first election. Is the republican's strategists bench so weak that they can's see the downside to this? You have to marvel at how desperate Berry must be to jump on this wingnut bandwagon. Here is a question someone might ask of Berry. Have you or your wife's construction company ever hired immigrants? Legal or illegal? Ever?

If a professor in the Engineering department at UNM physically assaulted a fellow professor at the workplace, do you think he would would be put on disciplinary leave? You bet! But since the whole nature of a football coach is to train his team to be physically violent against the other team, then I guess it is okay if he punches out an assistant coach. Another hot potato for the UNM President!

The Washington Post says Congressman Harry Teague could be in trouble in his first run at reelection. This is because he sided with most of the world's scientists and voted for a climate change bill. I suspect the republican party, aka the oil and gas industry, will spare no expense at defeating him. Teague is a wealthy man as a result of his oil and gas supply business down in New Mexico's Permian Basin. I understand his business is now being boycotted by the industry down there because he has realised that climate change could kill us all.

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