Wednesday, September 09, 2009


I thought it was a good speech. The pathetic republicans sitting on their hands was enlightening. Their disrespect for the President was unprecedented. All those white rich guys sitting there with hatred on their faces.

Here is a edited comment that a close friend sent about the republican response from someone who might double for Dr. Mengele.

"This @#$%^&*^%$ Congressman Dr. Charles Boustany, said a lot of thepeople he operated on could have avoided the need for an operation they had made better choices in their life. What a @#$$%%%$ asshole. Just because someone who was likely not well equipped to make good choices and didn't make great decisions, would he refuse him care? No, he would not because it would be completely unethical. In fact, I would imagine that you could lose your medical license for refusing to treat someone. Yet he is basically doing the same thing by fighting against universal health care. And what about all the people that didn't choose to get in car accidents or to get cancer or swine flu? What a @#$$%^&*&^ asshole."

Now, this comes from one is rarely uses the word 'damn'.


troutbirder said...

Interesting and thoughtful blog. I enjoyed running across it

Rodney said...

Since 1992, Boustany has been sued for malpractice by eight separate patients. Boustany was sued for medical malpractice for surgery performed on a child and found in fault by the state medical review board. The plaintiff received $600,000 in compensation as a result. Can't help but wonder what poor choice a 2 year old had made?

And Joe the Heckler Wilson, R-SC?
A recipient of $100Ks in campaign contributions from Medical companies, nursing home operators, insurance companies et al.

Stark Raving Zen said...

Truly frightening. You're right. Mengele comes to mind...