Sunday, September 13, 2009


The Albuquerque Journal's Pollster was at it again. Brian Sanderoff of Research and Polling rarely gets things wrong in his surveys. What was surprising in Sunday's poll results was the fact that health care reform was out pacing the economy as the most important issue on people's minds. It is gratifying to know folks are thinking about it and have not checked out on the issue.

The economy is also important and one cant help think that the Sunday Journal's major story by one of their best reporters, Wynn Quigley, was the result of them thinking that the economy would come out on top. Wynn is the healthcare expert at the Journal and was side tracked to this issue.

Other issues like crime, education and the environment were almost invisible. (That leaves the Albuquerque Mayor candidates little to talk about..) And the Journal's favorite story lines on corruption did not register either.

Climate change, which will surely kill us all if we don't get serious on solutions, didn't get any attention. There wont be much need for healthcare if we are all dead! Yuk!

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Evan said...

So what is NM's plan to jump start its economy and create jobs through the development and use of renewable energy technologies? Who's the point person in the state leading the charge? Seems Gov. Richardson may have laid some good foundations for growth, but who is taking the lead on developing economic growth for the state?

I'm located in Washington, DC and track politics and the environment in the states using a variety of sources - news, blogs, state govt sites, etc. Seems your blog is more credible than most.