Thursday, September 03, 2009

Wing Nuts

Only republican wing nuts could object to the President of the United States giving a speech that welcomes kids back into the classroom for the year. That is really happening and some republicans are even sending their kids to raise hell with the school administration in Albuquerque.

I abhorred george bush and dick cheney. But how would I have reacted to my kids having to listen to them in a welcome back to school speech? Probably not at all. Because I think my kids listening to a President might give them some idea of their nation's leaders abilities and the way our government functions.

I guess since we have a non wingnut President who is a minority and left of center then in the minds of republicans censorship for all is best. (Although I am beginning to think Obama is just in the center.)

So, if the republicans want to stick ear plugs in their kids ears, well then that will certainly back fire on all of us because this atmosphere of not listening to people that you might not agree with will just intensify. What has happened to the GOP?

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Bosque Bill said...

Someone opened the gates to the asylum while we weren't looking.

Seriously, it is extremely disturbing to witness all this totally irrational vitriol that is so extremely far from reality. Scary.