Tuesday, September 01, 2009


I spent the morning watching a highly efficient and inexpensive crew from JC Trees take down two massive trees in my back yard. The Sycamore shown here was struck by lightening a couple of years ago and then contracted some blight. It was time for us to take it down along with another tree that was threatening to crush our wall.

It seems to me as I watched the aerialist with his chainsaw that this process is a lot like what is happening to the republican party.(See yesterday's post)

The GOP keeps lopping off branches until all that is left is the trunk. And that finally comes down. This really isn't a good thing for our form of government. As the GOP rids itself of moderates and progressive members, it just can not endure.

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Rodney said...

My wife and I were discussing this very thing last night. I commented that is getting harder and harder to find well thought out commentary by any conservative writers. It all seems to be extremist goofball wing-nuttery. I was wondering if there were any rational eloquent thougtful conservatives left, or just rightwing extremist goofballs like Goldberg or Thomas.