Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mayor's Race

The poll in the Journal this morning will have one concrete effect. Every out of work republican operative in New Mexico will shine up their resumes in hopes of getting a job with candidate RJ Berry who is in the lead at this point. Those operatives have all been out on the street since last November except the ones in the US Attorney's office who tried to derail Governor Richardson.

I was surprised at the fact that Marty Chavez was in second. I had really sensed the race was tightening between all three candidates and really they are in a statistical dead heat. Any one of them could get into a likely run off. The bad news is there in spades for Mayor Chavez who only gets one in four votes of those who have decided. Any combination of two in the runoff are possible.

The good news here might be for Richard Romero who scored much higher than most thought he would. His campaign the last few weeks has improved markedly. He needs to peel away a few more democratic voters from Mayor Chavez who usually relies on republican voters to put him over the top. Those votes are Berry's now.

One could muse forever on how each combination of candidates in a run off would result in either one of them winning. For the next few weeks that will be fun to speculate upon.

I think the video of Marty's airport employees dealing with some upset lease holders at the airport has done him a lot of harm. These viral videos are effective.

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