Thursday, September 24, 2009


The Catholic Bishops in New Mexico are insisting that the Legislature and the Governor not cut the state general fund budget when the special session occurs. Of course, they are entitled to their opinion like every one else, but I find it hard to reconcile this stand with the American Bishops opposing health care reform. Can anyone enlighten me?

Mayor candidate R.J. Berry continues to base his campaign on anti immigrant yammering. He thinks this will help him get the wingnut vote to at least get in a run off with Marty Chavez. Then what happens Mr. Berry? Everyone who said you were a nice guy were mistaken I guess.

At the same time one should really look at this video tape to figure out the kind of guy Marty Chavez is. This depicts the Chavez modus operandi that few people ever see.

I am off to vote early this morning. Richard Romero is my pick. That should be no surprise.

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