Wednesday, May 05, 2010


My big job today is to go to the westside Albuquerque Animal Shelter and see if we can adopt two kittens we saw there on Sunday.  Today is the day you can put 'dibs' on them.  We were going to get just one cat to replace our beloved 'Jerry' who died last year.  But our son Justin and his wife said one must have two cats so they have playmates.  I wonder if that will drive our Beagle, Athena, to insanity.

These will be indoor cats.  We have had a lot of cats go missing recently in the neighborhood.  Our old cat Jerry was an indoor/outdoor cat who lived to 14 years of age.  It could be these new cats, if we get them, will out live me since they apparently survive a long time as shut ins.

I will use the Albuquerque Journal as a base for the litter box.  Especially after today's front page story pointing fingers at the Obama administration for not being quick enough on the oil spill in the gulf.  That is ridiculous and their partisanship is showing in their day to day coverage now.

Update:  Some one adopted the kittens just after their review yesterday.  We were led to believe today was the deadline.  Oh well, at least they got a home and if their new owners don't show up by Friday then we will get them.

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