Friday, May 28, 2010


A lot is being made of a robo phone poll that says republican Susana Martinez is beating Democrat Diane Denish in the race for Governor.  Certainly Susana will be a good right wing candidate for the republicans, but is she really ready for Prime Time?  Can she sustain her climb from the republican primary into a general election where you have to do more than scapegoat immigrants to win?  That really remains to be seen.  She has a very steep learning curve and will have to endure a lot of background investigations.

What is with the American public?  They say the want the government to stay our of their lives and the operation of private business, and then they say they cant understand why the government hasn't done more in the Gulf oil crises?  Some republicans want the military to take over!  I sometimes think everyone is paranoid.  I thought it was just me.  And then there are the crying congressmen from Louisiana who are upset about the Gulf pollution.  They would have thrown absolute tantrums if someone had suggested tougher regulations on the deep water drillers.

I went and voted yesterday.  The folks at the early voting site in downtown Albuquerque said it had been remarkably slow.  I am beginning to think that whoever has the biggest extended family will win the lower races.

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