Friday, May 07, 2010

Like a Business

New Mexico GOP primary candidate for Governor and supposed frontrunner Allen Weh says he will run government like a business.  Would he run it like the investment bankers and hedge fund quants ran their businesses in the run up to the financial meltdown several years ago?  Will he run it like the New York Stock Exchange ran itself yesterday when an error was made by a clerk somewhere and the computers kicked in with sell orders?  Will he run it like his oil and gas industry benefactors and create what may be one of the all time biggest environmental disasters on the planet?  And then try and put a teepee over it to make it all better?

Every time I see a Pol say he wants to run government like a business I know he is clueless about what the job he wants is about.  Simply, government is not a business.  It is government and it does not blindly think only about a quarterly bottom line.  If a candidate cant understand that he should get out of the game.


duncande said...

Great post, Mr. Baca. I saw the commercial on the news this morning and was thinking the exact same thing!

Jim Baca said...
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Rodney said...

Isn't the point of business to make profit on investments? What is the profit motive for government. It's a ludicrous claim, wanting to run government as if it had the same motives as business.