Sunday, May 16, 2010

Republican Backlash

The fact that GOP Gubernatorial candidate Susana Martinez is hard on the heels of candidate Allen Weh shouldn't be too great a surprise.  As I have said before she seemed to be the dark horse candidate who would give Diane Denish the best run in a general election.  So, why in hell does she bring in such a divider as Sarah Palin to endorse her?  Does this work for her in the general election?  That is where she should be putting her strategic efforts right now.

It is apparent to me that Weh, the war profiteer, is much disliked by the GOP operatives.  I hear he treated everyone very badly when he was Chairman of the GOP with his 'my way or the highway' attitude.  I think the trends are now working against him.  Now, in the last three weeks we can expect a different kind of media campaign from him.  I wonder if going negative on Susana will work?

Martinez used to be a democrat who switched to the republican party.  Why?  I don't know but she probably was edged out by the good ole boys in the party.  Now she has edged out the good ole boys in the GOP.  I love irony.  But, she has now embraced the 'dark side' by accepting the 'drill baby drill' crowds support and the Tea Party wackos.  This may backfire bigtime.

My next bet is that Martinez gets the endorsement of almost all news papers in her primary race.  That will help her.  And then it is on to the first all female race for Governor.  It will be an incredible race.

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susanloubet said...

Here is my interview with Susana Martinez. She says that she registered Democratic because her parents were Dems but was convinced by a friend that her values were closer to Republican than Democrat.
Susan Loubet