Friday, May 28, 2010


So we all go mushy when we retire?  I keep spending money on kittens.  I went to get a supply of kitty litter and ended up buying them a jungle gym with a perch on top so they can look out the window in Noelle's old bedroom.  They took right to it.  I know I said no more kitten pics....but aww, they are cute.

Hermes was watching the roofers across the street.

All wasn't frivolity today.  I started volunteering at the Road Runner Food Bank this morning.  My job was to sort bread and pastries today.  I must have seen 10,000 donuts.....I did not eat any of them.


"The Cowboy Professor" or "THE Big J !" said...

Keep the photos of the kitties coming as regularly as possible. In the midst of all the regular bad news and a world filled with greedy corporations and government lackeys and fools, this is a respite and lets us all know beauty is always still present.

New Mexican said...

I see people, a lot of people, spending 10 to 15 times as much on pets today than I spent on my two sons when they were growing up in the late 60's early 70's. One of my sons has 3 dogs and he is one of the big spenders on pets. Even in this economy. I, for one, will never understand it. Lapdogs were small dogs and only the rich could afford them and then only one. Now they are huge and sometimes 2 and 3.