Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Scapegoats

The republican primary election for Governor in New Mexico will now turn ugly.  The losers will be immigrants as they will figure highly on who can generate the most hate for them between Allen Weh and Susana Martinez.  Martinez started with a new ad today saying Weh supported amnesty for immigrants.  Immigrants.  Now the cause of all of our problems, right.  Pile them right in there with Jews, Gypsies, and Armenians.  Native Americans and African Americans too!

Martinez's campaign is headed by a guy and his wife who are named McCluskey.  He is a long time rightwing consultant for candidates in New Mexico.  He ran the GOP for a time. He also ran Mayor Berry's campaign in Albuquerque last year and is responsible for Berry's step to the dark side in saying Albuquerque was a sanctuary for criminals who are mostly immigrants.   Now McCluskey and his wife have turned the scapegoating on for Martinez.  I can't believe she is really like this any more than Berry was.  But the grab for political power fogs up the humanity in some people.  That whole 'victory at any cost' thing.

I had a nice meeting with Mayor Berry last week.  I think he is a decent person.  His won his fight with the city council on his new policy for checking all arrested people for their immigration status.  However, he has probably lost his support among many potential voters next time around.  And he is toying dangerously with Albuquerque's image as a multicultural and friendly city.  That is not what he set out to do, but that will be an effect.


New Mexican said...

"And he is toying dangerously with Albuquerque's image as a multicultural and friendly city"

I do not understand what this has to do with illegal immigrants? Are you in favor of allowing just anyone to come into the country? Or maybe just Mexicans from Mexico?

As a New Mexican Hispanic who had ancestors that came from Mexico, I do not understand the reason for allowing illegals to just come into the country. An explaination would make a good post.

Anonymous said...

Lose support? Are you kidding? He showed the rest of the country that we're not some banana republic anymore. He showed courage and leadership. As an Hispanic, I'm
proud to have him as my mayor! You're on the wrong side of the issue yet again Mr. Baca.

Jim Baca said...

if you are proud why do you post anonymously? And it is really not about those who might come....but those who are here and have been for years. They have children, jobs and contribute.