Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oil Industry to the West....The Gulf is Your Fault

An SOB, who was CEO of Shell Oil, said on CNN tonight that the Gulf disaster was the government's fault for not making more western public lands available for oil and gas development.  That means New Mexico amongst many other states.   It doesn't matter that they have almost all leaseable prospects already leased, they just want to go into wilderness and other pristine lands to get what they want.  In fact they have 32 million acres leased onshore that have not been developed, most of it in the intermountain west.  That is as much land that comprises the State of Wisconsin.

We have to be really vigilant that the oil boys don't get into Otero Mesa and places like it.  They could screw up an ocean of water in Otero's aquifer too.

I was so pissed off after seeing this  bloated ass say this that I forgot his name.  I would like to find out where he lives and have a few barrels of oil delivered to his front porch and back yard.   But that would be wrong.  Right?

At the same time, I am not happy with the response of the Obama administration so far, at least in the way it has presented itself.  They need one person, and one only, in charge of this effort.  Not a gaggle of Cabinet Secretaries who contradict each other.

And the folks in Louisiana and other states might want to take a harder look at protesting this kind of offshore development in the future.  They were not present with environmentalists before.  Now they probably are.

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Nob Hill Ward Chair said...

If the oil is in containers, he might thank you for the free raw materials.