Monday, May 17, 2010

How the Universe Works

I am sitting here watching "How the Universe Works" on the Discovery Channel.  I decided to multi task and write my blog.  The title of the story made me want to talk about a conversation I had today with an elderly gentleman as we waited for service at Sears parts store.  He had recognized me from my term as Mayor and said he appreciated the job I did.  He asked me what I thought would happen in the republican race for Governor and I told him I thought Weh or Martinez would win.  He said he was supporting Weh because Weh had run a business and knew how to do things.  When I mentioned to him that Weh made much of his money from government contracts he was surprised.  He then went on to say that Obama had raised taxes, untrue, and that Obama caused the bailout of the financial system.  Also untrue since bush started the process.  The nice guy said it didn't matter because Obama was to blame.  Huh?

He then went on to say there should not have been a bailout and that a depression would have been better because it would have made people understand the value of a dollar.  I asked him how that would help his grandkids.  He shrugged.

He was a very nice guy.  And he was a Tea Party member, whether he knew it or not.  This conversation really happened and it enlightened me on how ignorance is really dangerous in this country right now.  I hope this isn't really 'How the Universe Works."

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