Tuesday, May 04, 2010


The front page story and picture about the science team from Albuquerque's Academy winning the National Department of Energy Science competition says it all.  Three of the four victorious team members are Asian.  I am willing to bet they are all sons of immigrant parents, grandparents, or great grand parents.  They too could be in trouble if driving through Arizona.

So I was wrong on thinking the attempted bombing in NYC might have been domestic terrorism.  At least it seems that way right now.  I am kind of waiting for the right wing to complain that the Obama administration took 48 hours to catch the suspect as he taxied out for Pakistan on an airliner.  It was impressive work by all law enforcement agencies involved.

This massive fuel leak that is moving to Albuquerque's ground water from Kirtland Air Force Base is really horrendous.  It wont get the national press coverage that the Gulf Coast is getting, but in the long run it could be very damaging to us Duke City residents.  The Governor and delegation in DC have to call for a giant clean up, and quickly.

In the meantime the oil and gas industry is showing their muscle in New Mexico as they have their republican candidates for governor railing against the state's strict environmental regulations.  I had thought that Susana Martinez, one of the candidates, was okay until she sold out to the oil boys.  Click on her name to see what I mean.

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Rodney said...

It has got to be a hard sell, complaining about ANY regulations applied to oil drilling, in light of the catastrophy occurring in the Gulf. Of course, most if not all of the spill could have been controlled had the operators of the drill ship (Cheney's Halliburton?) used a $500,000 piece of equipment that is required by other countries that allow offshore drilling.