Thursday, May 06, 2010


The private instructor ass clowns who didn't complete training for over a thousand concealed weapons carriers but certified they did got off with nothing happening to them.  Their attorney said they did nothing wrong and the Albuquerque Journal called it a 'foul up' in their headline.  The instructors attorney said most of the poorly trained folks were military veterans and they knew how to shoot anyway.  What a crock!  In the military they would have been forced to retrain often and pass tests.

What would have happened if those were driving instructors?  Would there have been consequences?  I bet there would at least be a court date.

Check out the horrible comments on the Journal's web page this morning concerning the unspeakable sexual assault on a six year old.  The Journal pointed out that the suspect was an illegal immigrant.  You can figure out who the comments are coming from.  Truly, racism is growing again in this country.

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Ruahines said...

Kia ora Jim,
I enjoy your place here. Racism seems to always show its ugly head a bit more when times are tough. I guess it just easier to blame those whom look different, or have different beliefs, for our troubles than to really see. Here in New Zealand we see the same rearing of the ugly head of racism, perhaps a bit more under stated but yet still there.