Tuesday, May 11, 2010


When will we devote more time to coverage of issues in the New Mexico Governor's race?  Right now, for the most part, the media coverage resembles Monday morning results of which new movie made the most money over the weekend.  That coverage says nothing about the stories or plot lines in the movies.  It just seems to say that who made the most money is what is important.

That seems to be the way political races are handled now. Who has the most money on hand?  Who raised the most money in the last quarter?  Who has bought the most television ads?  Shouldn't we demand of the media at least as much airtime or column inches on where the candidates are on the issues?

The Albuquerque Journal has done some issue work and I am glad for it.  I have seen absolutely none on television news.  I do see insipid and stupid promos for new news helicopters that have better cameras on their nose that can look both ways!  Channel 7 has a contest to paint the new helicopter.  How about a stork with its head in the sand?  Channel 13 is building up faux suspense on new scenery for their news telecasts.

How about some real journalism?  Who is giving the candidates their money?  Like Allen Weh who is giving his own money to fund his campaign from his war profits as a contractor with the defense department.

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