Sunday, May 23, 2010

GOP Legend

A legend has been born in the annals of the New Mexico republican party.  The state chairman of that party has condemned the negative advertising by the Gubernatorial candidates Allen Weh and Susana Martinez.  But, he really lowered his sights on Weh by essentially saying his negative ads were outlandish and untrue.  This is coming from Party Chairman Harvey Yates, honcho at Yates Petroleum and big donor to all right wing candidates.  Well, maybe not Weh now. Never mind that Yates and the oil and gas industry fudges about how clean oil and gas development is.  I have to say though that this is a positive thing for a party chair to do.  Unprecedented really.

I was down on Susana's campaign manager Jay McClusky, last week for being the type who wants to scapegoat immigrants as a way to win the election for her.  She will pay for that later I guarantee if she faces off against Diane Denish.  But what on earth does Weh's advisor think she gets by putting forward such patently false charges against Susana?  That person I understand is Whitney Cheshire and she has worked for the party and right wing candidates for years.  She will have a bad week I think.  Usually, these folks don't get much scrutiny, but they are the main cause of the problems for many candidates because they move them into the fringe.

I think the GOP really needs a new generations of thinkers.

Pretty soon all the other statewide GOP candidates will be facing a hopeless situation as they try and run with the Governor candidate who helped cause a deflated turnout and lots of bad vibes.    If the turnout is much more than 25% I will be surprised.

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I Read said...

Harvey Yates Jr. is not chairman of Yates Petroleum. Research what you write. There are about 5 brothers/cousins that all own completely separate companies that do either gas drilling/oil/ or real estate. All companies have very different sizes. Harvey Jr. owns a very small company, which is unrelated to the company named "Yates Petroleum." If your cousin owned a doughnut shop, do you own the same one? Do research before you post.